Columbia Conjurors

The Society of American Magicians Assembly #141 | Columbia, Maryland, USA

Schedule of Events 2020-2021:

All meetings are Monday evenings unless otherwise noted:

Meeting Theme or Event
September 7 8:00 pm I Will Survive: A Return to Zoom Magic after Summer Break!
October 21 7:00 pm Online Lecture: John Carey
November 9 8:00 pm You Keep Me Hangin’ On: Zoom Magic Continues!
December 7 8:00 pm It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year:
Online Christmas Magic
January 11 8:00 pm Give a Little Bit:
Virtual Magic with your Favorite Holiday Magic Gift
February 8 8:00 pm Fell on Black Days:
Zoom Magic with a Color Theme
March 8 8:00 pm Keep Your Hands to Yourself:
On-Line Sleight of Hand Magic
April 12 8:00 pm Virtual Teach-A-Trick:
Select members explain a routine for the group
May 10 8:00 pm Here Come the Sun:
Hopefully our Last Zoom Meeting, so a Theme of Hope!
June 14 8:00 pm Lindsey Crawford Originality Contest
In person gathering on the Leedom’s Patio, with masks and social distancing
July & August   Summer Break

Unless otherwise noted, all meetings are held online via Zoom. Please contact an officer for connection information.

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