Columbia Conjurors

The Society of American Magicians Assembly #141 | Columbia, Maryland, USA

Schedule of Events 2017-2018:

All meetings are Monday evenings unless otherwise noted:

Meeting Theme or Event
September 7
(Thursday night)
8:00 pm SAM 6 vs. SAM 141 Competition
To be held at The Magic Warehouse
October 9 8:00 pm My Ding-a-Ling
Share your favorite gimmick
November 13 7:00 pm Tommy Ivey Close-Up Show - Free to all, public Invited!
December 11 8:00 pm The Show Must Go On
Perform a trick, then quickly "show" the method
January 15*
(*Snow Date)
8:00 pm My Backpages
Demonstrate a favorite from a classic magic book
February 12 8:00 pm Mike Rose's Antique Magic
Lecture and demonstration by magic historian and author, Mike Rose
March 12 8:00 pm Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
Magic with a bag, bowl, or other container
April 9 8:00 pm Lindsay Crawford Originality Contest
May 14 8:00 pm I Want You to Want Me
Dollar store magic and other "cheap tricks"
June 11 8:00 pm Teach-A-Trick
Select members explain a routine for the group
July & August   No meeting

Unless otherwise noted, meetings are held in the
basement of the Parish House (on top of the hill) at Christ Episcopal Church in Columbia, Maryland.

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