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Past Events:

December 2014 Tommy Ivey Close Up Magic Show

Leisure World Show 2007

A fund raising tradition, as well as something that keeps the club on it toes, is the full stage show that we produce every other year at Leisure World in Silver Spring. It is a rewarding event in many ways for everyone involved -- performers and audience alike!

Richard Schindler once again entertained in the lobby. Richard was joined by Barry Young ... ... and Pravine and Vaibhav Ponnuri (Vaibhav pictured above).
Pockets was once again emcee. Here she demonstrates confusing crayons with a volunteer. Wayne Miller opened the show with a classic and colorful silent act. Ralph Dixon did a mentalism turn(teaching a young man about poker above ...
... and producing a living doll from a beautifully constructed doll house. Matt Neufeld performed three-card monte style with cups and water. Herb Briscoe floated the unsuspecting Ben (who couldn't be hypnotized).
Dan and and a hungry Bonkers returned to the audience's delight. Ralph Fowler closed the show with a series of beautiful illusions assisted by the Fowler troup.
Final curtain call to the Stars and Stripes, thanks to Ralph!  

December 2006 Tommy Ivey Close Up Magic Show

A December tradition is the Annual Tommy Ivey  S.A.M./S.Y.M. Close-Up Magic Show.  Each year about twenty performers, representing both clubs, performed for a roomful of guests. Afterwards there is a social hour. These photos below capture some of the fun with the performers.

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