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The Society of American Magicians Assembly #141 | Columbia, Maryland, USA

Tarbell Course in Magic

A Year of Living Tarbell

Originally a 60 lesson correspondence course developed by professional magician Dr. Harlan Tarbell in 1928, the Tarbell Course in Magic is essential reading for any professional or amateur magician.

Over the course of our 2023-2024 schedule, the Columbia Conjurors will devote meetings to the eight Tarbell volumes, with designated members discussing and teaching tricks from the course (with copies of pages provided), and all others invited to read along and hopefully perform some of their favorites as well. By the end, we hope that everyone will better appreciate that famous admonition: "It’s in Tarbell!"

About Columbia Conjurors:

Columbia Conjurors is an Assembly of the Society of American Magicians (S.A.M.), the oldest and most prestigious magic organization in the world. The S.A.M. is dedicated to elevating the art of magic, encouraging harmony among magicians, opposing public exposures of magic, and preventing the theft of magical inventions. If you are not a member, we invite you to join!

The Columbia Conjurors generally meet on the second Monday of the month, beginning at 8:00 p.m. (for full details, please visit the schedule).

Most meetings (again, see schedule) are held in the basement of the Parish House (on top of the hill) at Christ Episcopal Church in Columbia, Maryland. It is located at:

Christ Episcopal Church
6800 Oakland Mills Road
Columbia, MD 21045-4706

We welcome visiting members of other S.A.M. assemblies, as well as interested guests, who may attend twice before becoming a member.

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The Washington Post: "Magicians, the gathering: Local conjurers swap tips and tricks"

Magicians, the gathering

(By John Kelly. Originally published in The Washington Post, February 10, 2015)

Rabbits vs. doves. That was the first question Magic Michael had for Barry Taylor on Monday night during Barry’s lecture at the monthly meeting of the Society of American Magicians, Assembly 141.

Barry, who used to run Barry’s Magic Shop in Montgomery County, is wise in the ways of birds and bunnies. He owns one rabbit and four white doves, one of which he had produced from under a silk . ... Read more >

Howard Magazine: "Columbia Conjurors keep the magic alive"

Columbia Conjurors keep the magic alive

(By Lane Page. Originally published in Howard Magazine, May 23, 2013)

My lips are sealed.

If it’s a revelation about the illusions magicians create that you are expecting, just stop reading now. I have given my word to follow the magicians’ code of secrecy, sworn to the Columbia Conjurors Assembly #141 of the Society of American Magicians.

You’ll never hear it from me.

But after the Columbia Conjurors’ annual ... Read more >

From the Archives:

Columbia Flier article, featuring Ray Eyler, Al Albert, Russ Glover, Jackie Glover, Dr Chang, Jim Conner, James Conner, The Feenominal, Lindsay Crawford, Michael Pierpont, Mike Pierpont, Lee Eyler, Jacques Severe, Ray Corbin, Raymond Corbin, Ray-Mond, Mike Feldman, Wayne Miller, Ellen Miller, Tommy Ivey, Columbia Conjurors, Society of American Magicians, S.A.M. 141

Columbia Conjurors profiled in the Columbia Flier, June, 1993 (click for a larger view)

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